Why enter a Psychotherapy ?

The psychotherapist intervenes on many different ways, to relieve his patients behavioural disorders, without any medical prescription.

It's fundamental in a therapy or in an analysis to be accompanied by someone you feel comfortable enough with. Choosing one therapist carefully and properly is a particularly important step.

The psychotherapist has learned one or several therapeuthic skills. Psychotherapy is a term designing and involving a therapeutic relationship.

The psychotherapist helps his patient to analyze, to understand and to solve psychological and intrapsychical conflicts. The indispensable skills are the ability to listen to others, the ability of empathy, an acute ability to observe and to analyse, and a good personnal mental and psychological balance. The therapist has to have a certain relevant experience of life, he also has to have worked on himself with a therapist or an analyst.

Some examples :

Loss of self-confidence, anxiety, breakdown, stress, interpersonal and sexual difficulties, family conflicts, eating disorders, lack of self-esteem, nervous breakdown, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, behavioural disorders in childhood, addictions, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, setbacks at school, identity difficulties, grieving process, couple problems, violences, serious illness, personnal spot problems, depression...

These are some of the psychological sufferings that I welcome in a strict intimacy in my own practice and that I support to concrete and tangible solutions. When it's hard to overcome them alone, it becomes just simply important and necessary to talk about that, and to be helped.