The Transactional Analysis

The Transactional Analysis is a method to meet ourselves and also the other, and it is based on the progressive assimilation of our personality depending on the three essential components of autonomie : the ability to be conscient/aware, to be spontaneous and to be personal. It permits us to analyze our attitudes towards many kinds of situations, in order to understand them better.

The Transactional Analysis studies the way we "manage" our relationships with others. "Which part of me is really talking when I express myself ?"... "And which part of the other am I deeply talking to ?"... "Will he hear what I am clumsily trying to express ?"... "Do I often place myself as a saviour / as a victim / as a persecutor...?"...

"Learning about yourself to understand it better

Understanding it better to accept yourself better

Accepting yourself better to accept others better"