The Trangenerational Approach

Our personal life story is often "guided", in a rather unwanted and unconscious way, by the ones of our ancestors (parents, grandparents, previous generations, etc).

Studying this genealogy, perhaps building his personal and detailed genealogical tree can reveal unrecognized parts of those whole stories and to help understand better the previous forces that guide and determine our actions and reactions in the present.

We would take the time together to trace these stories and past memories, so as to understand better the present and stop playing the same repeated patterns, which are heavy and painful.

Sometimes, we are the unfortunate heirs of our ancestors past, and to be able to live and exist in a full well-rounded life, we have a certain "duty to family disloyalty", that we have to fulfill. The Trangenerational Approach, through Genealogy (genealogical trees), Psychobiogenealogical Decoding (psychosomatization) or Family Constellation Therapy (persons in a work situation), gives access to our deep true identity, separating and selecting what is really belonging to us in our existence, and what we are slave of, in order to free ourselves of it.

The Family Constellation Therapy can also be practiced in group.