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The Psychobiogenealogical Decoding

The Psychobiogenealogical Decoding is an approach which links body and mind without dissociating them. Indeed, a huge part of what our body expresses by many difficulties, diseases, every kind of reactions, has truly a psychosomatical origin (the body cristillizes the symptoms, expressing what is stuck in our mental and our emotions).

All allergies, psoriasis, herpes, cancer, body's distorsions, atrophy, deafness, stuttering... can be some manifestations of it.

Every single body's manifestation tries to express something stuck in the mind. A therapeutical work permits to deeply understand what is really going on so as not to keep on following a suffering way without being able to act in any other way.

The therapeutical support doesn't substitute the traditional medical way nor the surgical way, but it is a useful addition. For any questions about a physiological problem, you're welcome to check it with your doctor.