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The NLP (or Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a particularly efficient tool which seriously and quickly improves the communication skills (verbal and nonverbal).

I use it for many sessions, mainly to help you to focus on your targets and to bring you to hit them, but also with reformulation, for clearness.

This approach permits you to push the limits quickly, while respecting the deep willingness, the integrity and the patient's personal environment. It invites you to speak clearly, with accuracy and precision. Using this powerful tool brings you to quickly and durably go through undesirable behaviours.

Th NLP is a tool mainly shifted to issues, and it works very well in rather short therapies. It is also a tool which can significantly improve business results.

« Between what I think... what I want to say... what I'm thinking I am saying... what I really say... what you want to hear... what you really hear... what you think you understand... what you want to understand... and what you really understand...

These are at least 9 potential ways of miscommunication »

The NLP notoriously improves the relationships between people by simply and durably correcting the way they communicate.