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The Life Coaching

I use the Life Coaching in my own practice, but I also use it outside.

Outside the practice, it can be used as a strong individual personalized support in the heart of the person's life (home, work, school or social life...). Depending on each person, we will meet one or several times a week on precise appointments, in order to identify as quick as possible the problems and difficulties, to share them altogether so as to rebuild a new inner structure adapted to hit your targets.

Inside the practice, it is useful to place an athlete in a good condition for a match, or anyone for any occasional exam (contests, driving licence...), to help in boosting the leadership, but it also permits to change our positions and attitudes for a more successful one.

This approach is directed quickly to resolve issues and goes straight to the problem, putting focus directly on the issue.

I use that method regularly, without circumventing a psychotherapy when necessary : there are problems sometimes that need more depth than the Coaching, which also can be used during therapy.