The Dream Analysis

Our unconscious communicates with us by several ways, and the richest one (which often seems to be the craziest one to us) is certainly the way of dreams.

Analyzing and decoding his dreams means channeling his unconscious, bringing to light what our deep Self tries to express, that means knowing ourselves better to progress consciously.

The Dream Analysis is one of the royal ways of the psychotherapeutical and psychoanalytical approach, because our unconscious never lies to us : it expresses in a roundabout and coded action everything we have lived, repressed, felt. Together, we will work on your dreams, to reveal yourself to yourself.

First of all, I invite you to write down your dreams, whenever they are long or there is just a residual picture : write down every little thing ! Then, we could work them during an individual session or in a working group.

This approach belongs to psychoanalitycal therapy.