The Analytical Sophrology

The Sophrology is a therapeutic method based on body and mental relaxation. It is looking for balance, restoring progressively a conversation between body and mind to improve our whole potentials.

This is a very efficient dynamic relaxation tool using the breathing, the pleasant body sensations, the visualizations... It makes us contact our inner resources to harmonize ourselves and our life.

This method is particularly relevant to support stress and anxiety problems (companies and executives, high-level athletes...).

I also use it with excellent results for Childbirth Preparations with the mothers-to-be, from the 2nd or 3rd month of pregnancy, and I support them with that tool until postnatal times. The aim of such supports is to permit both to the mother, to the future baby, but also to the father to live that magnificient time in life fully, preparing in the deep the child's arrival.

 This support really permits to the baby to be born in the best possible conditions.


In a more general way, the Sophrology is applicable to a very large problematic's panel, to harmonize the person, for personal development, eventually for deeper problems.

That method is also practicable in Working Groups, couple, family, it also works well for businesses.