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François-Xavier PRADON

François-Xavier PRADON

When I was a child, I was very inquisitive about my environment, and then the various meetings, experiences and explorations I've had through the years gave me a perpetual momentum as long as I was following my way.

I choose to suddenly stop my business studies at 20, because I was only perceiving the limits of such a perspective. I was understanding that I will investigate and learn so much more if I was walking and finding myself than if I was running after a stable social position.

At that time, I had not started any personal therapeutical work, so I didn't realize I was escaping from reality, but that has been essential, even saving by the way. This was an original and concrete experience for me.

I was 27 when I started to give my own way another dimension while I started to work on myself, and I was 28 when I understood that this will be my practice, my way, it was just so obvious. So I went back studiously to the classes, the studies, the huge work that comes with all that, and the intensity of the personal work on myself, until I opened my own practice in Lyon, France, in 2012.

Nowadays, I am currently supporting people in my own practice, my dynamic is also extending to the international, with for example the Online group approach, expecting travelling abroad, meetings, in person training workshops local and abroad, writing, etc.