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    • Monica On 26/04/2020
    Thank you thank you

    Just a beginning of talkings in group for a personal work about self-confidence, which is the crux
    That's a beginning but the sky is clearing up !
    Without you that won't be possible
    Impatient to keep on
    See you
    • Ravaud On 09/04/2019
    Thank you François Xavier, I met a Pearl of the profession which is rather scarce ! a few sessions with this beautiful person helped me beyond all expectation. No shelling of my bad feelings, but a simplicity through the discussions, the active listening, the common research to understand my personality and Bingo, an amazing result ! a renewed confidence, a blessing in my personal and professional life. My confidence and my gratitude towards François Xavier are so real that I entrusted to him what is the most important for me... my daughter and after a few sessions, the results are here and that's just the beginning ! so thank you again, that's pure Happyness that brings me that MAN ! Sophie
    • Barbara On 05/07/2018

    François-Xavier is really top as a psychotherapist ! He listens actively and never judges in any way.

    He remembers everything and becomes a real confidant
    A huge "Thanks !" to him cause he helped me to free myself of my past and to progress !

    • Stephane B. On 26/03/2018
    François-Xavier PRADON is an excellent and very implicated psychotherapist : he's not only answering you with questions. The speech is straight, very efficient, always kind.
    Personnaly, he permits me to free myself of the grip of a NPP (Narcissistic Perverse Person).
    I recommend ++++
    Thank you
    • Sébastien On 11/12/2017

    A Taoist principle says that every meeting is the good meeting and I think it is a perfect summary of that meeting story between François-Xavier and myself.
    Find the words which could reflect the gratitude I have for that man is hard for me cause he helped me a lot in the way I walk since the first session where I found in front of me not a psychotherapist but a person possessing a great humanity which goes way further than a contractual framework which makes all his power and originality.

    I only want to say thank you François-Xavier for everything you do everyday, you are and will ever be a meeting which changed my life

    • Coralie T On 07/12/2017
    Sceptical when coming for my first session, I went back out impressed with the will to go better. No doubt, I just found the therapist who would support me in my steps. The semantic fields are finaly not large enough to descibe his professionnal and human skills. So thanks for everything...
    • Christine M. On 25/08/2017
    There are some moving encounters, the one with François-Xavier is one of those...
    It is like if he was coming from another planet...
    He implicates himself in our action, remembers precisely where the "story" stoped and doesn't count his time nor his energy to make us go through and unblock the locks.
    We have been consulting him in couple first, then in individualized sessions, and both of the actions have been strong.
    We go back out with the will to embrace life fully...
    Yes he is unique, go see him and make your own experience...
    Thank you !!!!
    • Alexandre On 30/07/2017
    You know, we can have a bad image of the psychotherapy. We can think at that stereotyped pic of the therapist who will pretend to hear you during one hour, nod, and avoid your questions sending in a very assured manner : "YOU got the answer." keeping on his favourite reply :" The session is over, that will be $72.". If you're looking for one of those unable full of pride supporter, so pass your way. That's not François-Xavier. François-Xavier, that's pure natural humanity, with delicacy. A paradoxical sentence for a paradoxical therapist and hugely efficient one. I have been seing 3 other ones before him, and he is the only one with who I felt I was going through. He's always listening carefully to his patients, mostly free for them. Moreover, he knows how to bring you where you want to go, respecting your rythm. Without ever judging you. François-Xavier means a therapy based on dialogue, what many therapists don't do or don't do anymore. We can feel it from the fisrt session : therapy is not a simple livelihood for him, but mainly an answer to his humanist will to help the one who needs to be helped.
    • Pellerin On 29/07/2017
    2 brothers in life, 2 partners in business, we've been crossing a large period full of doubts and conflicts. 
    After only a few sessions with François Xavier, the results just blew us away and permit to change everything in our lives.
    Thousand of thanks
    • Sylvie MB On 03/07/2017
    After a very painful divorce, highly disruptive at every levels (mental and physical), I have had the opportunity to meet François-Xavier PRADON who has been able to make me bounce back thanks to his active listening, his charisma, his huge humanity, his humour and his free speech !... Really top for clicks !... Thanks to his great human talents, he helped me to rebuild myself and to develop in me a psychological "force" combined to a certain "let go" (particularly through his Sophrology sessions that also have very beneficial effects). He really contributed that way to stimulate me in life with a new impulse highly more favorable and constructive to go though differently and better to preserve my personal balance !... Likewise, I am very grateful towards him for the family therapy realized with my daughter in a hard teenage crisis, and great miracle, with her father that he naturaly succed to follow several sessions. Since his intervention, after 5 years spent in the middle of malignant conflicts, we have been able to restart a such better communication, for our children. Thousand of thanks !!!!!!!.... Mr PRADON, you really are a genius in human conflicts issues !!!!! ...
    • Florence M. On 23/04/2017

    After an unfair dissmisal, I met François-Xavier Pradon. He helped me to find the keys to surpass that trial and to recover my self-confidence. His listening and his professionalism really permited me to go through and to rise. He generated my confidence, I was able that way to talk about sensitive subjects and he helped to find the issue. I understood that emotional injuries have to be considered seriously and handled with a particular care. To this day, his advises still encourage me in my life. I keenly recommand you François Xavier Pradon !

    • Cynthia On 20/04/2017
    François-Xavier Pradon, an extraordinary and mainly authentic psychotherapist. Always attentive to your speech, he transmits his energy and engages a lot through sessions, knowing how to stay right in his advises. Never judging. He always encouraged me to surpass myself and helped me to find back my self-confidence. Thanks to him, I have been able to let go, to free myself or certain toxic relationships and to regain the upper hand in my own life. The way walked together through the sessions brought me a lot in a psychological and human point of view. A HUGE thank you François-Xavier, I think I can say today that I touched the balance in may life. You helped me to rebuild myself et to find back my real Myself and the smile.
    • Christophe W. On 19/04/2017
    "Light the darkness of a pain, unravel the squiggles in my head, find the pulse to take the good decision"
    Evething is told in the title. Some coolness, some dynamism, and an approach based on the exchange. Face to face. With a lot of respect und understanding. No judgement but shared opinions. With François Xavier, we exchange and we build, not here just to talk alone in front of someone who just nods. But for sure you have to be ready to hear the hidden truth behind your words. But that brings back to inner peace und unlocks many things. François Xavier knows me well and he really helped me to rebuild myself. And two or three years after that all, when life gives you a big slap in the face, he's still here, remembering every little thing, and permits to stay strong and awake anyway.
    Well, a super guy and psychotherapist, who does what he is born for. And the day he thinks that the support could be over, he asks for your point of view, but won't encourage you to absolutely come back again and again in a permanent session process : the post office stays open in case of a need, and we keep on our life. Thank him.
    • Isabelle C. On 17/04/2017
    This excellent psychotherapist supported me all along my second pregnancy, in order to help me to surpass my fears due both to the death of a family member and to a specifically hard first childbirth. That support's menu : a lot of very caring listening, analyze and Sophrology sessions. That psychotherapist has a rare listening capacity, a good analyze and a composed voice. I received a perfect support all along the pregnancy, with some documents and even some CD's to work between the sessions. The result has just been top : I have been highly more peaceful, and i delivered a very calm child.
    • Stef On 16/04/2017
    How to start...........
    This outstanding person is a therapy alien : an interesting mix of "Mayday, my family requires some help", a fine terseness with a pronouced aura.
    He knows how to read our inconscient's narow maps to permit to find our own truth.
    He knows where to plant the markers, also press the blade in the abscesses to let our pain discharge itself as before's bloodlettings
    But over all, he's an incommensurable and fine master to reveal the truths that your insconscient is mastering but that your conscience refuses.
    I recommand this person equally for his therapeutical support and for the humanism and the absolute devotion he awards you (when your own investment equals his profligacy)
    This clever mix is highly scarce, so don't hesitate one second to entrust the keys of your full and entire persone to him, you will just feel upgraded
    Thank you my...................... I have no words to define you (I trully know how to define you but only you knows the depth and the content)
    Thank you a thousand times cause you know that I've been starting from far.
    • Guy B. On 15/04/2017
    The energy that François-Xavier PRADON puts in his profession permits to break the severe psychotherapist representation we can have.
    His listening, his availability and his professionnalism are essential keys to the success of a therapy. Up to the patient to do what he wants with that....
    I wish you a good continuation
    • Michèle M. On 14/04/2017
    When I talk about That person, I say my Psychotherapist and not the Psychotherapist. That shows the esteem I have for his work. Whatever the problem, he knows to listen to you, to advise you and to find a solution, all in a sweet manner. I advise everyone to book a session to discover all his qualities and kindness. Without forgetting his great availability. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING



In French

    • myriam benammar On 17/06/2020
    Merci M Pradon pour le travail accompli ensemble, à un moment de ma vie où je devais faire des choix difficiles et complexes. Vous m'avez libéré et permis de me retrouver. J'ai eu grâce à votre écoute et votre sens de l'humain le courage d'effectuer des ruptures .
    • Monica On 26/04/2020
    Merci merci

    Juste un début d'échanges en groupe pour un travail personnel sur la confiance en soi le nerf de la guerre
    C'est un début mais le ciel s'éclaircit !
    Sans vous cela ne serait pas possible
    Impatiente de continuer
    Au plaisir

    • Ravaud On 09/04/2019
    Merci François Xavier, je suis tombée sur une Perle du métier et c'est plutôt rare ! quelques séances avec cette belle personne m'ont aidé au delà de toute espérance. Pas de décorticage de mon mal être, mais une grande simplicité d'échange, d'écoute, de recherche commune sur la compréhension de ma personnalité et Bingo, un résultat surprenant ! une confiance retrouvée, un bienfait dans ma vie perso et professionnelle. Ma confiance et ma reconnaissance envers François Xavier est telle que je lui ai confié ce que j'ai de plus cher.... ma fille et après quelques séances, les résultats se font connaitre et ce n'est que le début ! alors encore Merci, c'est du pur Bonheur que m'apporte cet HOMME là ! Sophie
    • Barbara On 05/07/2018
    François-Xavier est un psy vraiment top ! A l'écoute il ne juge en aucun cas.
    Il se souvient de tout et devient un vrai confident
    Un énorme Merci à lui car grâce à lui j'ai pu me délivrer de mon passé et avancer !
    • Stephane B. On 26/03/2018
    François-Xavier PRADON est un excellent thérapeute très impliqué : il ne vous répond pas que par des questions. Le discours est direct, très efficace mais toujours bienveillant.
    Personnellement, il m’a permis de me libérer de l’emprise d’une PN.
    Je recommande ++++
    • Sébastien On 11/12/2017
    Un principe taoïste dit que toute rencontre est la bonne rencontre et je crois que cela résume parfaitement l'histoire de cette rencontre entre François-Xavier et moi.
    Trouver les mots pouvant refléter la reconnaissance que j'ai pour cet homme est pour moi difficile car je lui dois énormément dans le chemin que j'ai parcouru depuis la première séance où j'ai trouvé face à moi non pas un psy mais un être doté d'une grande humanité allant bien au delà d'un cadre conventionnel ce qui pour moi fait sa force et son originalité.

    J'ai juste envie de te dire François-Xavier merci pour tout ce que tu fais au quotidien, tu es et sera à jamais une rencontre qui a changé ma vie.
    • Coralie T On 07/12/2017
    Arrivée sceptique à ma première séance, je suis repartie conquise avec l’envie d’aller mieux. Pas de doute, j’avais trouvé le thérapeute qui m’accompagnerait dans mes démarches. Les champs sémantiques ne sont finalement pas assez grands pour décrire ses compétences professionnelles et humaines. Alors merci pour tout...
    • Christine M. On 25/08/2017
    Il y a des rencontres qui marquent, celle avec François Xavier en est une...
    A croire qu'il vient d'une autre planète...
    Il s'implique dans notre démarche, se rappelle exactement où s'est arrêté le fil de "l'histoire" et ne compte pas son temps et son énergie pour nous permettre d'avancer et de débloquer les verrous.
    Nous l'avons consulté en couple, puis en individuel, et les deux démarches ont été fortes.
    On repart avec l'envie de croquer le monde et la vie à pleines dents...
    Oui il est exceptionnel, allez le voir et faites votre propre expérience...
    Merci !!!!
    • Alexandre On 30/07/2017
    Vous savez, la psychothérapie on peut en avoir mauvaise image. On peut penser à cette image stéréotypée du thérapeute qui va faire semblant de vous écouter pendant une heure, hocher la tête, et esquiver vos questions en vous balançant de manière très assurée : "C'est vous qui avez la réponse." le tout en enchainant sur sa réplique préférée : "La séance est terminée, ça fera 72euros.". Si c'est un de ces incompétent blindé d'orgueil que vous recherchez, alors passez votre chemin. François-Xavier ce n'est pas ça. François-Xavier c'est l'humanité à l'état brut de décoffrage, mais tout dans la finesse. Une phrase paradoxale pour un thérapeute paradoxal et bougrement efficace. J'en ai vu 3 avant lui, et il est le seul avec qui j'ai eu la réelle sensation d'avancer. Il est toujours à l'écoute de ses patients, et toujours très disponible. Qui plus est, il sait vous amener là où vous voulez aller, et à votre rythme. Sans ne jamais vous juger. François-Xavier c'est une thérapie dans l'échange, ce que beaucoup de thérapeutes ne font pas, ou plus. On le sent dès la première séance : la thérapie ce n'est pas un simple gagne pain pour lui, c'est surtout une réponse à sa volonté humaniste de venir en aide à celui qui en a besoin.
    • Pellerin On 29/07/2017
    2 frères dans la vie, 2 associés dans le boulot, nous avons traversé une grande période de doutes et de conflits.
    Après seulement quelques consultations avec François Xavier, les résultats ont été juste bluffant et ont permis de tout changer dans nos vies.
    Milles mercis

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