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I work as a psychotherapist for 9 years in my own practice, by prior appointment.

Certified in individual, family, couple and group psychotherapy, my approach, multireferential, appears according to each individual person. I offer you a careful attention, respectful and confidential, with no judgement, in order to work on your questions, difficulties and problems altogether.

A therapy can be started at any age in life from 4 or 5 years old.

Break free from our prejudices...

There's no need to be "mad", "fool" or "mentally diseased" to need a psychotherapist. Prejudices concerning those points are still deeply ingrained in our minds.

Approaching a psychotherapist comes in many simple scenarios, for example when you just can't find any answers anymore. The psychotherapy takes care of supporting people having psychological, behavioural, interpersonal, sexual or psychosomatical difficulties, also people meeting couple or family problems.

It's highly recommended to meet a psychotherapist when we simply wish to live differently, not only because our existence is so hard to deal with : when we want to know ourself better, or develop our potentials, enrich our life and experience personal development.

François-Xavier PRADON